Please share some workflow opinions below. This particular survey will act as an initial collection and lay of the time-lapse software landscape.

Which standalone batch RAW Image processor do you prefer?

How do you edit the large number of time-lapse images before rendering them into a video?

How about rendering the time-lapse sequence itself? Which application do you use most frequently/prefer?

How about deflickering in post production?

Which main NLE (Non-linear editor) do you prefer for creating and compiling final works?

How about color correction? Do you prefer any particular plugins?

How about batch HDR processing?

What have you found to produce good matching results across all images in a batch?

Is there an additional app or plugin that is an important part of your time-lapse workflow?

What time-lapse questions do you have or what tutorial subjects would be most helpful to your work?

Any feedback on current content?

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Any additional comments?

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